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Take A Practice Review And The EISAT (CANADIAN ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIAL Self-Assessment Tool 2015) Comprehensive Exams. offers the 2015 – 442A EISAT CANADIAN INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN C OF Q PRACTICE TOOL - Over 900 updated sample questions. Based on 2015 CEC – Part 1. Helps prepare for final Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) exam. This online tool comes with 24/7 support and is available in an electronic format for fast 24/7 access. It is the third part of a 3 step system offered by We help you get the help that you really need to pass your 442A Industrial electrical exam- The First Time. offers a comprehensive online tool to assess, prove your competency and ensure your success before you write the real exam.

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Practice Review

A practice part which includes over 200 relevant questions with the same style and format as the real exam.

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An exam part which includes over 900 relevant questions with the same style and format as the real exam. The 700 questions difference comes from step 2 at

A 4-hour timer, for when you want to practice the feel of the real exam against the clock to see how you're doing. This builds the skill to ease the stress of the real exam.

A grade report which will be forwarded automatically to us so we can keep track of your progress. You will also be copied on the results, giving you feedback on your test and your percentage of correct answers.

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