The Scope of Support

    The Scope of Our Support and support you with service issues regarding the availability of our electrical exam preparation courses for success and the proper functioning of our tools as described here. Inquiries related to trade school, jobsite issues, other vendor courses queries, google searches, apartment and house calculations, any question that is outside the course outline for the certification of qualification course among others are not within our scope of support.

    We have streamlined the support process to increase the problem resolution efficiency and give priority to the following:

    o Service unavailability
    o If your login, material access is not working.
    o Malfunctioning of our tools and interfaces
    o Bugs in our tools that prevent you from using our online electrical exam preparation courses for success as intended.

    If you believe that you have an issue that falls in one of these categories, contact us via call, text, email or chat to proceed.

    For all other issues, we recommend the following:
    o If you need to change your password for any reason, enter your email address and click forgot password.
    o If you need information on how to use our tools, please start by searching the word (login) in your text and email (members only). Please always make sure that you are logged in. Please watch the video under the login tab to see how to login properly.
    o If you need a copy of your receipt, please start by searching the word (receipt) in your email or Paypal and search your email inbox, spam or junk folders. (members only).