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22 Apr

Electrical Exam Prep For

I Was Preparing For My Electrical Licence Exam In Canada Until A Friend Told Me About This New Electrician Exam Preparation Course That is designed Intelligently with me in mind. I Have It Once And It Worked

Apr 22, 2021

Did you know that there’s a new electrician exam preparation course that uses advanced techniques to Guarantee that you will pass your real electrical licence exam?

I KNEW THERE WOULD BE MORE Difficult Questions On the Real Electrician Exam BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT A Fail!

I recently finished my apprenticeship 
and wanted to write the real electrical licence exam and thought the exam will be straight forward and easy, but after sitting trying the exam for the first time, I quickly realized I wasn’t going to pass. The language that was used on the exam was foreign to me, and the assumptions were confusing to me then I realized that I had to do something, or my future attempts will be in vain.

So I started researching every electrician exam preparation course under the sun to see what the top rated courses were. The only problem is most of the best ones were a scam, and I didn’t want to scammed and being sold useless questions that have nothing to do with the real exam and I am not learning anything worthy in the process. There were outrageous claims from some sites of being the authority on the electrical licence exam, the price looks attractive, but I realized that price should not be a determinant of whether I write and pass the next time but expert support from someone who knows what they are talking about. I was starting to get frustrated, so before bed I posted to facebook asking if any of my friends had any suggestions.

My Friends Brilliant Advice…

The next morning I woke up to a message from a friend who works as an electrical foreman for a major electrical company. He told me about a very famous pre-exam course to get my electrical licence that works, one of his friends just created called Full Membership For Success , which is a very intelligently designed stress free course that guarantee that you will pass your electrical licence exam fast and covers all the real exam angles so no matter what exam they put in front of you, you will be able to handle it. “Does it actually work?” I asked. Here’s what he said:

“I’m going to begin with saying that your teaching skills are by far the best I’ve seen and you’re one of very few who takes great pride in your work, educational courses and professionalism.Sam I passed my 309a exam and just when I was down in the dumps due to SARS i got my results. I will recommend all my friends and the people I know to your course.
I have the upmost respect for you and wish you well for the future.”


So I ordered my Full Membership For Success and decided to give it a try. It was very easy like Netflix- Just a username and a password and I was in. Nothing to download. Everything is fresh and right away and I put it to the test. First thing I noticed is that it came beautifully designed. It’s definitely not some cheaply made put together material. 

It also has a nice flow design. You login and follow the instructions sent to you by text and email. Very Simple. Within a short time, I realized what information that I needed to handle the real exam.

I noticed it is fast access with no bandwidth issues, accessible from any device. During my breaks at work, I can tap into some good knowledge. Perfect for taking with you on the road.

The Real Test – How Effective Is The Full Membership at Passing the Real Exam?

Moment of truth…. 95% Success Rate.

What happened next is extraordinary. Within a matter of minutes, I started to plug my knowledge gaps. I couldn’t believe it. I poured myself a glass of wine and just enjoyed learning… nothing but a stress free guidance as promised. No more frustration, no misdirection, no anxiety. It worked. I started to get addicted to the direction this course is taking me.

“The Full Membership expires after I write and pass or when the code book changes to the new addition.”

Later that night I messaged my friend to tell him it was a success, and he was excited for me. He told me he’s also excited for his friend who makes it because due to the course’s effectiveness at getting me prepared. So if you’re reading this blog and want one, I suggest grabbing yours sooner than later before. Because this will be the best electrical exam preparation course that you will ever need in your career.

Previously I couldn’t spend more than ten minutes to prepare since I was under the impression that trade school will be good enough preparation, but as I settled down to go through the course for success with a glass of wine, with my Full Membership Fast Access, I noticed the course is paving the way for me for success.


Then I Took It to work

The next weekend I went work. I took Electrical exam prep courses & electrician training with me. I practiced and practiced. I took the risk of relying only on and I’m so glad I did.

Of course, the next day, I started to feel really good and more confident. Anxiety started to fade away. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my friends. Trust me, I don’t use this term often, but Electrical exam prep courses & electrician training is simply AMAZING.

Conclusion – It’s A No-Brainer

With an ultra-simple setup it takes literally 20 seconds to get your full membership for success up and running. Just login, it’s as easy as that. But wait…

I can hear the questions now… how long will it take to prepare?

Answer – If you spend 3 hours a day for the next 16 days, then you are ready to write the real exam and pass.

I just wanted to let you know I have passed my C of Q and that I appreciate all the help you have given me. Your pre-exam class was helpful and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Thanks very much I appreciate it! It certainly feels good to have all that hard work pay off. I got an 88%.

Learn more at‍


Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes For Success- Oct.5th, 2019.

Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes- Oct.5th, 2019.
“Before I came to class, I had no confidence.I knew the instructor since he was my teacher at trade school. No obstacle when I knew who the instructor was. I would 100% recommend the course. I was sold on the clarity of the topics and structure, questions and GTK materials, What made me the happiest coming to class is knowing the material and the instructor. I was able to achieve confidence, general trade knowledge and the way to know what they were thinking whne they asked me the questions. What exceeded me expectations is calculations and GTK. I liked that there was no unwanted materials to waste time and everything was valuable. I liked everything 150%. I would not improve anything- the instructor was ahead of the game.”Before I took this course, I was confused and did not know what figures, data that I will be getting from the code book.. I needed a system to guide me in the right direction. My problems were mostly computations, wire sizing, overcurrent, overloads, the use of tables. From the word of mouth, I found this course. I liked the simplicity and the very good instructor Sam and the fact that it was 3 weekends. YES, I would recommend it to whom I will come across who is looking to pass the Cfq. I was happy to come to class since I learned how to answer the questions with confidence now. I liked how quickly I learned to answer questions in a very short period of time. I loved everything about the course. Overall, It was the best course put together than any other course that I took before.” “Before I came to class, I was trying to understand the code book. I searched online. My friends at work also recommended it and I liked the high pass rate. I was happy about the knowledge that I gained from the code book and systematically find rules in the code book. The course content exceeded my expectations. I liked the professionalism, course content and online modules. Everything was just great.” “Before this course, I was a bit nervous about the exam. I wanted a sure thing. I wanted to learn how to use the code book and figure out how the questions are worded. I searched online, friends and co-workers. I liked the in class and online support and the step by step walk through. Nothing prevented me from joining this course. I liked the fact that the course started from scratch and taught the right way. I managed to answer the questions faster now and with more certainty. Now I am able to understand more difficult and tricky questions and answer them. The professor, the environment and the info was awesome.” ” I was pretty confident with code but I wanted to review things before writing my exam. I was trying to solve some discrepancies in methods for solving certain questions, especially when to use the 60/75/90 degree columns in table 2 and demand factors. I knew that I will take this course because Sam was my teacher back in basic STC and always had positive reviews. This course always has positive reviews from the past classes and my friends at work. I will recommend this course. This course reinforced my confidence going into the exam. I am able now to answer general trade knowledge questions very quickly. Sam’s ability to make seemingly difficult things easy. In the first 2 classes, we went over different ways to do everything and the right processes to find the answers.” “Before I took this class, I felt that the electrician licence is unattainable and that my general trade knowledge and confidence are limited so I decided to experience both sides of styles namely online and in class to reinforce everything I was learning so I liked the online course with 24/7 support until I write and pass. I wanted answers to my questions. My GTK definitely improved. I thought that I would not be able to understand the material and I would still feel lost but then I felt the opposite and I actually had some fun learning the material. I liked the variety of exam questions and how quickly they could be covered. Also the notes and advanced techniques used to answer the questions were very helpful.” “Before I came to class I was trying to understand exactly what the questions are asking and most keywords to help find the answers. My JAC counsellor recommended this course. I was happy with the learning environment. I liked the way everything was made simple.” “Before I came to class, I was weak on theory and its applications. I heard that Sam was a very good instructor. After taking the course, I feel more confident. It is easy to understand the way the instructor explained. I would not change anything about the course. The instructor taught it well. ” ” Before class, I was nervous and stressed. This course was recommended by my union and my friends at work who took this course before and passed. Amazing course.” ” I wanted to learn box and conduit fill. The timeline was great. It is better for me to learn in class and have the instructor explain to me where I had the problems. The instructor knew and explained the questions that I had problems with. Now, I am more confident to write the exam. I can use the code book and find the answers that I am looking for. I liked the instructor and the people that I met.” “Before classes, I was lost. I needed to learn everything- tables and GTK. After my search, this is the only course that made sense to me. I recommend it. Now I have greater understanding with unfamiliar topics. I was referred to this course by a friend who took it before and passed. I flew from North Bay to come to this course. I loved the amount of knowledge. It is an awesome course.” “Before the class, I found it difficult knowing what to study for. I was looking for proper guidance and found it. I tried another course before this one but was very shallow and it never worked. It was worth coming here and having the right course for this exam.” “Before coming to class, I had a hard time understanding what the questions were asking and failed with a 60%, then 67% and did not want to fail again. This is the first course that I found that actually works. There are a lot of scams out there. I recommend this course 100%. I liked the time management techniques and all the knowledge was exclusive and original to this course.” “My teacher in trade school recommended this course. Very good material to study from and the teacher reputation was fantastic. Everybody knew that. Yes, yes, yes, I would recommend this course. Support always picks up and always willing to help. I am better now with the code book and faster. I liked the teacher’s personality and knowledge. I love this course. This course is 100%.” “Before this class, I needed to be familiar with the code and be updated. The instructor and his style of teaching was highly recommended. Past students sold me on this class that came here and did it and passed. I liked the clarification, the pace and the instructor. I achieved plenty of short cuts, advanced techniques, the approach to get the right answers to tricky questions. I was impressed with the humbleness and ability to communicate with everyone. I like how the course was updated and fresh in details. Ummmmm, There was nothing that I did not like about the course.” “Before the class, I wanted to clarify diagrams and motor schematics. I found this course be highly recommended by my union members with a great success rate. I liked the fact that it was on the weekends. I feel that I was taught properly. It is such a great learning environment with smart classes and security. I liked everything.” “Before classes, I forgot everything that I learned in trade school then I found out that trade school does not help in this exam. The JAC recommended this course. After the course, everything is fresh now. I liked the value of information being taught. Thank you for all your help.” “Before the course, I needed help with transformers, motors and finding information in the code book so I talked to my friends that took this course before and had great success afterwards. The experience was very welcoming and I can tell the instructor enjoyed teaching even though he had done this 1000 times before. I feel more confident about starting and finishing commercial jobs because I did not have prior experience before. This course was easy to follow. I liked everything about this course. It was designed beautifully.” “Before the class, I was confused on rules and some motor questions, what tables to use and columns 60, 75 or 90. I was told by a co-worker about this course. Just word of mouth and guys told me to try this course and I am glad that I did. I was sold on the material, support and the welcome atmosphere. I learned things that I was never taught in trade school and now I have a better and clearer understanding of what is expected from me. We train for the real thing and no wasted time. I really appreciate that. A better and clearer understanding of what is expected. Good teacher and everything was well explained.” ” My counsellor recommended this course to me and I am glad she did. Thumbs up. I have already recommended this course myself. Great learning experience. I learned everything that I need to know and closed my knowledge gaps. Teacher was very knowledgeable and asked us the real questions.” “Before the class I had issues understanding critical rules in the code book and their applications, zone classifications and the techniques to find information in the code book. I needed to be good at what I do and this course fixed just that. A friend of mine at work said if you want to pass, go see Sam. He knows what he is doing. It worked for him and he struggled before take this course before and passed later with knowledge and understanding. His boss recommended this course for him. I liked the teacher and the notes tied things together. I started scoring higher on the self assessment tool. I liked the valuable learning experience. Thank you very much.”