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22 Apr

Electrical Exam Prep For

I Was Preparing For My Electrical Licence Exam In Canada Until A Friend Told Me About This New Electrician Exam Preparation Course That is designed Intelligently with me in mind. I Have It Once And It Worked

Apr 22, 2021

Did you know that there’s a new electrician exam preparation course that uses advanced techniques to Guarantee that you will pass your real electrical licence exam?

I KNEW THERE WOULD BE MORE Difficult Questions On the Real Electrician Exam BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT A Fail!

I recently finished my apprenticeship 
and wanted to write the real electrical licence exam and thought the exam will be straight forward and easy, but after sitting trying the exam for the first time, I quickly realized I wasn’t going to pass. The language that was used on the exam was foreign to me, and the assumptions were confusing to me then I realized that I had to do something, or my future attempts will be in vain.

So I started researching every electrician exam preparation course under the sun to see what the top rated courses were. The only problem is most of the best ones were a scam, and I didn’t want to scammed and being sold useless questions that have nothing to do with the real exam and I am not learning anything worthy in the process. There were outrageous claims from some sites of being the authority on the electrical licence exam, the price looks attractive, but I realized that price should not be a determinant of whether I write and pass the next time but expert support from someone who knows what they are talking about. I was starting to get frustrated, so before bed I posted to facebook asking if any of my friends had any suggestions.

My Friends Brilliant Advice…

The next morning I woke up to a message from a friend who works as an electrical foreman for a major electrical company. He told me about a very famous pre-exam course to get my electrical licence that works, one of his friends just created called Full Membership For Success , which is a very intelligently designed stress free course that guarantee that you will pass your electrical licence exam fast and covers all the real exam angles so no matter what exam they put in front of you, you will be able to handle it. “Does it actually work?” I asked. Here’s what he said:

“I’m going to begin with saying that your teaching skills are by far the best I’ve seen and you’re one of very few who takes great pride in your work, educational courses and professionalism.Sam I passed my 309a exam and just when I was down in the dumps due to SARS i got my results. I will recommend all my friends and the people I know to your course.
I have the upmost respect for you and wish you well for the future.”


So I ordered my Full Membership For Success and decided to give it a try. It was very easy like Netflix- Just a username and a password and I was in. Nothing to download. Everything is fresh and right away and I put it to the test. First thing I noticed is that it came beautifully designed. It’s definitely not some cheaply made put together material. 

It also has a nice flow design. You login and follow the instructions sent to you by text and email. Very Simple. Within a short time, I realized what information that I needed to handle the real exam.

I noticed it is fast access with no bandwidth issues, accessible from any device. During my breaks at work, I can tap into some good knowledge. Perfect for taking with you on the road.

The Real Test – How Effective Is The Full Membership at Passing the Real Exam?

Moment of truth…. 95% Success Rate.

What happened next is extraordinary. Within a matter of minutes, I started to plug my knowledge gaps. I couldn’t believe it. I poured myself a glass of wine and just enjoyed learning… nothing but a stress free guidance as promised. No more frustration, no misdirection, no anxiety. It worked. I started to get addicted to the direction this course is taking me.

“The Full Membership expires after I write and pass or when the code book changes to the new addition.”

Later that night I messaged my friend to tell him it was a success, and he was excited for me. He told me he’s also excited for his friend who makes it because due to the course’s effectiveness at getting me prepared. So if you’re reading this blog and want one, I suggest grabbing yours sooner than later before. Because this will be the best electrical exam preparation course that you will ever need in your career.

Previously I couldn’t spend more than ten minutes to prepare since I was under the impression that trade school will be good enough preparation, but as I settled down to go through the course for success with a glass of wine, with my Full Membership Fast Access, I noticed the course is paving the way for me for success.


Then I Took It to work

The next weekend I went work. I took Electrical exam prep courses & electrician training with me. I practiced and practiced. I took the risk of relying only on and I’m so glad I did.

Of course, the next day, I started to feel really good and more confident. Anxiety started to fade away. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my friends. Trust me, I don’t use this term often, but Electrical exam prep courses & electrician training is simply AMAZING.

Conclusion – It’s A No-Brainer

With an ultra-simple setup it takes literally 20 seconds to get your full membership for success up and running. Just login, it’s as easy as that. But wait…

I can hear the questions now… how long will it take to prepare?

Answer – If you spend 3 hours a day for the next 16 days, then you are ready to write the real exam and pass.

I just wanted to let you know I have passed my C of Q and that I appreciate all the help you have given me. Your pre-exam class was helpful and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Thanks very much I appreciate it! It certainly feels good to have all that hard work pay off. I got an 88%.

Learn more at‍


5 Nov – Nov. 4th 2020. Electrician Licence Exam Latest: Incredible New Electrical Licence Exam Preparation Goes Viral Across Canada

Electrician Licence Exam Latest: Incredible New Electrical Licence Exam Preparation Goes Viral Across Canada


This incredible new electrical licence pre-exam has hit Canada and it’s going viral already. Here’s why so many electrical apprentices are rushing to get theirs today.

If you have a computer connected to the internet, then this may be the most important article you read all year!

With this innovative electrical licence pre-exam For Success, you will avoid becoming one of the thousands of people failing the real exam. It’s the quickest, efficient and most hassle-free way to succeed and obtain your electrician licence.

Your electrical licence is a very important personal achievement goal, it is your bread and butter. It paves the way to open your own contracting business (masters licence) – 3 years down the road. This is your last chance to get the best training and knowledge before work schedule consumes you.

Failing the real electrical exam would be devastating! But beware it happens to more people than you might think. 3 in 4 people are fail every day without proper training and knowledge. There is no short cut to writing this exam. It is not a driver’s licence or a boat licence. There is a lot of liability here. You can hurt yourself or someone else. You do not want to do that.

This exam is written by smart people; it is no surprise that failures have seen a dramatic increase and are now more common than ever. What were they thinking when they are asking me this question, general trade knowledge, experience on the job, formulas, how to use the Canadian electrical code book, the interpretation of the rules, the assumptions are only a few of the challenges on the real exam. Not preparing with a bullet proof plan could pose a significant risk of failure and the aftermath of feeling bad after writing the real exam and giving up on the trade.

The problem is, there aren’t many pre-exam courses to properly and professionally train you that are build on a solid foundation that will protect you from these dangers for a reasonable price. Until now…


Forget paying $1500+ for courses with lesser quality, is all you need to protect your future. See how you can start right now by clicking here.


Here is the deal: The 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module is free. Click here to register and start This is part of a special promotion which sees renowned electrical exam preparation provider,, release the most sophisticated education Package available to electrical apprentices in Canada.

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too…

We’ve seen thousands of consumers right across Canada rush to claim the complete protection plan.

It has been tried and tested, and we must say, without any disappointment.

With you are able to detect the things that catches you blind on the real exam and then master what you need to know to remove the threat of failure on the real exam. Ultimately keeping you and your IP red seal certification exam safe.

Why are they offering it for Free?

Lead instructor, Sam explains, “Last year we saw thousands of electrical apprentices affected by the sudden increase in real exam failures and anxiety. Our main goal is simple; we wanted to help electrical apprentices guarantee their real electrical exam pass with the best in training and knowledge without fears that their success may be compromised.”

He continues, “People already love the training and support that we give them. They know that they are in good hands and can rely on us. Our plan is to give as many free (2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes modules) away so that it goes viral. We feel good knowing that we’re helping guarantee and secure our members’ future preparation success without the need to spend precious time and money that will yield any effective results elsewhere.”

This is not the first time that giving away products for almost nothing has been employed, big companies with large marketing budgets are no strangers to the giveaway tactic. Burger King gave away 20,000 free whoppers via Facebook in a similar event in 2003.

What Makes This Electrical Exam Preparation So Incredible? has a cutting-edge training system that you can actually enjoy and cuts through all the clutter of trying to find the valuable information needed in the Canadian Electrical Code book that is crucial for the real exam. The build in advanced techniques are designed to make your life easy on the real electrical exam and give you an easy to use plan to tackle the timing issue without running out of time and stressing about not finishing the exam.

The training whether online or in class is revolutionizing the way electrical apprentices prepare and secure quality education with full support without compromising their success on the real exam.

It’s super quick and easy to set up and you don’t need any computer experience. Everything is done for you and it only takes 3 minutes. To register click here.


There is nothing to download. It is direct access just like Netflix- username and password is all you need. You can access you full membership for success when ready anytime and at your own pace with 24/7 expert support.

In truth, most people underestimate or miss the importance of accessing the best in training and knowledge.

So, How Can You Get Your Free 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module?

It’s simple, if you live in Canada and own a computer then you automatically qualify for the free 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module offer. Just follow the steps below to get protected for quick access and see for yourself how incredible this module really is. Click here

If you’re impressed by the 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module you will have the option to upgrade to the full membership for success.

In our eye’s it’s a no brainer. Access the 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module for free and get your Full Membership For Success that will guarantee your success on the real exam. Even if you do think you can pass without any training right now, we recommend that you do not waste your time and money.
We electricians are proud of our trade and we do it right the first time.

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your Free Access Today:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Follow the easy registration form by setting up your username and password and answer few questions.

Step 3: Go through the valuable module.

Step 4: If you’re happy with the free module, we recommend upgrading to guarantee your success on the real exam.


Update: The 2018 Canadian Electrical code book changes module Is Still Currently Available. The expiration and availability are unknown; however, we are advising readers to claim this today to avoid disappointment. Take advantage of this incredible offer whilst it is still available.


12 Aug

Classes For Success- 309A Electrical Licence Exam Preparation. 95% Success Rate


Based on the successful training seminars conducted by CEC® expert Sam Mallak, The Electrician’s Exam Prep Online Course For Success cuts through complex topics to help students pass Journeyman’s Electrician licensing exams- Guaranteed. Using clear, concise language, these Online Courses For Success take users through Step By Step Guide, explaining every needed CEC® topic along the way to guarantee a First Time Pass. Aspiring electricians will feel prepared after completing the Full Program For Success, addressing general electrical knowledge plus CEC® rules. A special feature identifies key Code sections for highlighting, to assist in studying and to carry in to exams where allowed and supplement the many missing information from the CEC® itself. Click Here For A Complete Course Outline.


We Guarantee You Will Pass



The speed and the expertise of our support team are legendary. They provide help with any questions and ongoing assistance at any time. No wonder, we consistently achieve 100% customer satisfaction rates.



$100 Off Of The $600 taxes included plus the online course plus 8 bonuses if you sign up Today for Nov. 21st, 2020 classes for success.

Electrical Exam Prep Course For Success ™

Need Your Electrical License?

Trusted By Over 2260 students who are already licensed 

95% success rate.

Earn higher wage after you get licenced, better qualifications and crucially: advanced experience, more confidence and contacts.

We offer you Advanced In-class sessions for Success in 2020.

November 2020 (based on the 2018 Code): Every 2 months.


Nov. 21, 22, 28, 29, Dec. 5, 6 every Sat. & Sun. 9am to 5 pm.


The next dates for the next class For Success is:


$100 Off Of The $600 plus access to the online course with 8 bonuses if you sign up Today.


Electrical Exam Prep Course For Success ™


Class Location: Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East.


600 Dixon Rd.

Toronto, ON




Room name Centennial Ballroom.

Our online electrical courses prepare you for success in Canada.


 Class Times: All day Saturdays and Sundays 9am-5pm for 3 weeks Construction and Maintenance


 (16 hours a week for the next 3 weeks for a total of 48 hours)


Classes are Filling Fast- Call Now (416) 841-1399


How to register: Call (416) 841-1399 or email us- or Call now with a credit card or e-transfer to 500 taxes included and get your access to the online course in 10 minutes with 7 bonuses.)

Here is the feedback on the 309A Construction & Maintenance classes- June 29th,2019.


“Before I came to class, I was trying to read/calculate motors, transformers, motor operation. I was stumped/frustrated. This class clarified any problems that I had. I was trying to prep for the journeyman exam and clarify questions about some calculations. This course is structured with 95% success rate. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends. I advise everyone not to prolong taking the exam which is a weight on your shoulders and take this course and finish it and move on. The class is engaging and interactive by answering all your questions. I am able to remember the code sections which I don’t use daily such as transformers, motors, conduit fill and etc. . The class notes were emailed to us and I liked the help and support provided after class. I like going through multiple choice questions-real help.” “Before the class, I did not know what to expect. I needed to become better at answering questions. My counsellor told me about this course. It is a great class- result oriented. I was happiest in finding tips and tricks to find the answers faster. I was able to quickly navigate the code book and answer the questions. I liked everything about this course.” “I was looking to increase my knowledge base and my chances of passing the first time. Also using the index for conductors, cables & hazardous locations. No search required, many people are constantly recommending this course. This course stands out from what I heard and having Sam as my instructor in the past. I was sold on passing the first time. I was happy that it was offered on the weekend and only takes 3 weeks. I like the amount of general trade knowledge (GTK) in this course. I liked the fact that you were there to answer the questions anytime- that is HUGE. There is nothing that you can do to improve this course. It was a great course for many reasons and you have a great attitude.” “Before I came to class, I thought that I knew how to use the code book effectively until I found out how many things I was taught incorrectly. I came to this class trying to increase my knowledge of the 2018 code book and general trade knowledge. I liked the good feedback from others who took the course. I would recommend this course- of course yes. My friends joined this course as well. I was happiest learning how to use the code book properly. I was impressed with the amount of information I actually took away from the course. I liked everything about the course.” “Before I came to class, I had a lot of questions about calculating motors’ conductors, overload, overcurrent, transformers, box fill, wireway and conduit fill. My boss told me about the class. The course is pretty focused and in detail. I liked the information and presentation. This class answered all my questions. What exceeded my expectations that all the questions in mind have been answered. I like mastering techniques on how to answer questions. This course is complete.” ”   The JAC has referred me to this course. They guarantee your pass. Very informative. “ “ Before coming to class, I was stressed out. The wording of the questions is often confusing- trying to figure out what they are asking. Friends who took this course before highly recommended it and the JAC. I highly recommend this course and I needed it. My buddy and 95% success rate have sold me on it. My stress level dropped significantly and areas were clarified. I have deciding if what I am looking for is in the code book or general trade knowledge. Everything is to the point and directly related to the exam. Not sure if I can improve this course. Its success speaks for itself. I am glad that I enrolled.” “ I wanted to understand the code book, rules and diagrams. I started my research at the JAC. A lot of people recommend it to me. I liked the class (having a teacher). I expanded my knowledge, I learned how to properly use the index, simplified calculations and retained the GTK. I liked the quality of the explanations. The teacher took our notes and emailed them to us to give us better time to concentrate on what he was explaining.” “Before I came to class, it was difficult for me. I searched online. I have better knowledge of the exam and learned easier way of learning and answering questions faster. I can find answers to the questions more efficiently. Sam is an excellent teacher.” “Before the class, I wanted to learn how to use the code book properly and be exam ready. I learned about this course from the JAC and trade school. It was highly recommended by everyone that I talked to. There was no obstacle to coming to class. I was looking forward to learn. There was a lot of good quality practice questions- just the meat and potatoes of what we needed.” “Before the class, I was full of doubt. I needed to know how to use the tables. I had the same code teacher in trade school when the code was 2015. I managed to dedicate 8 hours to studying with no distractions. Now I am confident in using the tables and faster at answering questions.” “Before the class, I wanted to get my licence. I searched Google. This course has a lot of information, questions and 24/7 help. I managed to answer questions now that I could not answer before. I liked the course outline and the course was very informative. “ “Before the class, I was not focused. I wanted to learn techniques to answer the questions, commit to studying and attend class. I had a personal problem with allocating time to study. I was referred to this course. This course help me allocate the time needed to succeed on the real exam and added value of instructor led class. I learned advanced techniques to answer the questions from the code and general trade knowledge.” “Before I came to class, I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that I had to master. I was trying to prep for the Cfq. This course was very well organized and clearly taught. I highly recommend it.” “I searched on Google. The course is very relative to the C of Q. I highly recommend it. The class schedule did not interfere with my work. This is the proper way to get ready for the real exam. Advanced tricks and tips and interpretation of the questions. I have learned the code as applied to the cfq. Very advanced and effective teaching techniques relative to the real exam.” “ Before the class, I had little GTK not related to my field of custom home residential. I uped my knowledge of the GTK an reaffirmed my knowledge from advanced. I heard about this course from a classmate. This course is fairly on par with any university lecture that you must pay for so my expectations were, for the most part, met. I would recommend it. “ “Before the class, It took me a while to answer questions from the code and general trade. Now I am faster at finding answers in the code. This class was recommended by others. Yes, I would recommend this course since I like the 24/7 support, friends recommended. I have gained confidence after each class, expanded my knowledge and information related to my exam. I liked the amount of questions covered- not too many and not too little.” “Before the class, I needed to understand the questions being asked and understand what is being asked and what they are thinking when they asked me that question. I searched online and I am glad that I did. Excellent course. ””Before the class, I was confused. I needed to know the difference between single phase, three phase, calculations with capacitors and learning tables. I have heard about this course from word of mouth. I was told that the teacher would make the content clear and manageable. I told 5 other guys who joined the course. I needed to pass the real exam and now I am feeling more confident with content and actually being able to understand what they want from me. I am surprised how fast the support is and instant answers to my questions.” “ Before this class, I was not familiar with the exam course outline and handling of the questions and what is expected of me. Co-workers recommended this course and now I would recommend it with great pleasure. Very friendly environment and now feeling confident about writing the cfq. I managed to sharpen up my answering skills by using the instructor’s skill and knowledge. “ “Before I came to class, I was going to lose my job if I do not get my licence. My friends took this class. I was surprised of how quick that I can find info in the code book. I liked how the teacher was right to the point.” “ Very foggy with code and needed a refresher top to bottom. Jac recommended it but a buddy told me great things about it. I liked the success rate. Now I have refreshed and enhanced all that I have known about electrical. I learned to navigate the code book. I liked the thorough explanations, the environment, the way the material was taught and Sam’s extensive knowledge of the subject.”


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